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The Roma have been known as entertainers in every country they have traveled. In eastern Europe, the Roma have been known as skilled acrobats, bear trainers, horse trainers, musicians, dancers and singers. They have owned and operated traveling carnivals and circuses. They have been prized by royalty as court musicians for their mastery of musical styles. 

Cimbalom musicianRoma have contributed their own unique styles to middle eastern music, Jewish klezmer music, flamenco music and dance, jazz, and they have influenced other artists in their music and art, among them Liszt, Bizet, Brahms, Dvorák, Verdi, Rachmaninov, and Bartok.

Many well-known modern entertainers have claimed Romani ancestry, including the actor and Roma activist, Yul Brynner; the comedian, Charlie Chaplin; the actress, Rita Hayworth; the actor, Michael Caine; and the actor and director Bob Hoskins. The Gipsy Kings are perhaps the best known Roma musical entertainers in the world today.

The Romanes language has not had many important authors, primarily because of the absence of a universal standard in written Romanes. Among Roma authors are the novelist Mateo Maximoff, a Kalderash Rom, writing in French, translated by others into English and other languages. Papusza, the Romni poetess from Poland, is being "rediscovered" by new readers. Today, important Roma authors are emerging from Europe with critical acclaim, writing in Romanes.


Romani Museums


Ethnographic Museum
     Krakowska St. 10
     Tarnow, POLAND

     Tel: +(48) 14 22 06 25 

Muzeum Romské Kultury
     Jugoslávská 17

     Tel: +(42) 5 581206 or +(42) 5 571798 
     E-mail: rshca@ms.bm.cesnet.cz  

The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum
     Clay Lane
     Spalding, Lincs. PE12 6BC, ENGLAND

     Tel: +(44) 1775 710599 

The Romany Folklore Museum
     Limes End Yard, High Street
     Selborne, Nr. Alton, Hants GU34 3JW, ENGLAND

     Tel: +(44) 1420 511480 

Wheelwrights Working Museum
and Gypsy Folklore Collection

     Webbington Loxton, Nr. Axbridge
     Somerset BS26 2HX, ENGLAND

     Tel: +(44) 1934 750841

The Romany Experience
     Paultons Park Leisure Park
     Ower, Romsey
     Hampshire SO51 6AL, ENGLAND

     Tel: +(44) 1703 814442 

Musée Tsigane
     13460 Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, FRANCE

     Tel: +(33) 4 90 97 52 85 



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