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As a minority group, the Saami have long recognized the value of having their own information channels. Since 1898, the Saami in Norway have produced a newspaper and less than twenty years later the Saami population in Sweden followed their example.
Now there is Saami television and radio programming with regular broadcasting times. Saami productions also bridge the Nordic region's national boundaries.

  • Newspapers

The Swedish-language newspaper known as "Samefolket" has been in production by and for the Saami since 1919. It has appeared monthly since 1958.

  • Radio

Local Saami radio broadcasts in Swedish have been available since 1953. Daily news and information about Saami society is sent from the station's headquarters in Kiruna.

  • Television

Since 1985, Kiruna has also been the site of Saami television activities. Each year, ten hours of Saami programming is administered through Swedish Public Television. This programming is directed at both Swedish and Saami viewers.

  • Drama

The Oscar-nominated film, "Pathfinder" from 1987 is the first feature-length film produced by Saami. It was written and directed by Nils Gaup. "Pathfinder" is an adventure drama based on a Saami saga from 1000 AD.



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